Designing bars and clubs

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Tarnowski Division – interior design projects for bars, pubs, bar design, restaurant interior, restaurant bar project, pub design, mini brewery bar design.

klub bar Scandale Zakopane hotel Aries projekt baru wnętrze klubu bar music loft club interior design_tarnowskidivision

Every establishment that offers guests alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks needs a well-designed bar. Both for owners and guests, the bar design is extremely important. Because the bar is not usually just a functional piece of furniture but a focal point of the program, the brightest spot of the venue. When designing pubs and restaurants, we are well aware that the bar is the center of life for many establishments, and therefore the bar design should receive a lot of attention. We show a few examples of our bar design projects in restaurants and pubs in Poland and abroad.

The bar at Hotel Aries in Zakopane was designed and executed for the Scandale music club. It was finished with leather, glass, granite, and steel. The glass rods used for finishing were illuminated from the inside.

bar klub Scandale Zakopane hotel Aries projekt baru wnętrze klubu bar music loft club interior design_tarnowskidivision

The cocktail bar in the same hotel was also designed in a similar way. The interiors, with a strong industrial character, were softened with glances and faces of Witkacy, the master artist.

cocktail bar restauracja Scandale Zakopane hotel Aries projekt baru wnętrza bar restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

wnętrze baru restauracji Scandale Zakopane cocktail bar projekt restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

Another bar project is the Hop House pub in the Hilton hotel. This mini brewery was created in Prague, Czech Republic, which is the perfect place for lovers of good Czech beer.

pub bar restauracja Hop House Hilton Praga projekt baru wnętrza beer bar restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

wnętrze restauracji pubu Hop House Hotel Hilton Praga restauracja projekt wnętrz restaurant pub interior design_tarnowskidivision

The bar and interiors of the Scandale Royale restaurant and club in Krakow are designed in the style of the 1920s and 1930s. The eye-catching centerpiece of the restaurant is a meticulously crafted sculpture of a dancer, hovering above the bar, reminiscent of pre-war cabarets.

Harlequin Bar is another concept of a bar. It is the heart of a luxurious restaurant located on the top floor of a skyscraper. In the evening, sitting on comfortable bar stools and sipping delicious drinks, we can enjoy an impressive view of the city streets glittering with lights.

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