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Designing bars and clubs Tarnowski Division - interior design projects for bars, pubs, bar design, restaurant interior, restaurant bar project, pub design, mini brewery bar design. Every establishment that offers guests alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks needs a well-designed bar. Both for owners

SCANDALE ROYAL, CRACOWINTERIOR DESIGN OF A RESTAURANT IN CRACOWThe interiors and bar of the renowned Scandale Royale restaurant and club in Krakow, designed in the 1930s style. Interior design project with author supervision. PROJECT: TARNOWSKI DIVISION   PHOTO: WNĘTRZA KRAKÓW

CHIANTI  INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT FOR THE ITALIAN TRATTORIA CHIANTI IN WARSAW. "Chianti is a region in Tuscany, known for its cypress trees, olive groves, and magnificent vineyards, where the famous red wine of the same name is produced.Chianti is also a restaurant

INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS FOR RESTAURANTS Tarnowski Division – projekty wnętrz restauracji, projekty kawiarni, projekty pubów, restauracja wnętrze, kawiarnia wnętrze, pub wnętrze, projekty restauracji - projekty kawiarni At Tarnowski Division, we have completed many projects involving the modernization and interior design of cafes