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projekt wnętrz restauracji włoskiej Chianti restauracja italian restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

At Tarnowski Division, we have completed many projects involving the modernization and interior design of cafes and restaurants. These include the Italian restaurant Chianti and the Greek restaurant Santorini owned by Agnieszka and Marcin Kręglicki, the Hop House restaurant and pub for the Hilton Hotel in Prague, the Street restaurant chain, Pam-Pam restaurant, La Rotisserie in the Mamaison Hotel Le Regina, Scandale Royale in Krakow, Polska Różana restaurant, Osteria with fish and seafood, and Papaya and Tai Me Up with Oriental cuisine. Additionally, we have also designed cafes such as Bracka and Czytelnia. These are just a few selected interior design projects for restaurants from the last few years.

Chianti restauracja projekt wnętrz restauracji włoskiej italian restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

restauracja włoska wnętrze Chianti projekt wnętrz restauracji italian restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

PamPam restauracja projekt wnętrz restauracji restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

wnętrze restauracji La Rotisserie Mamaison Hotel Le Regina restauracja projekt wnętrz restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

wnętrze restauracji polskiej Różana restauracja projekt wnętrz restaurant interior design_tarnowskidivision

We also execute non-standard projects. One of such realizations is the food truck – “Scandalicznie Dobry Burger”. Whether it is a large restaurant project or a small café project, we always combine unique design with functionality and the specific nature of the chosen cuisine. We also strive to maintain a balance between aesthetics, practicality, and budget. We can modestly say that designing restaurants, cafés, and pubs is our specialty – we warmly invite you to cooperate on the next unconventional restaurant project.


project:  tarnowski division    PHOTO: ŁUKASZ ZANDECKI