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Tarnowski Division – luxury interiors, elegant interiors, luxury interior design, exclusive interiors, exclusive interior arrangement, luxury apartment.

eleganckie wnętrze luksusowe wnętrze ekskluzywne wnętrza paryski apartament luxury living room_tarnowski division


Luxurious interiors can come in various styles – classic, minimalist, eclectic, modern, and retro. There are luxury industrial interiors, futuristic ones, and luxurious interiors in the French style. However, there is something that keeps coming back like a boomerang in various projects.


eleganckie wnętrza luksusowe wnętrza ekskluzywne wnętrze luksusowa kuchnia elegancki apartament luxury interior_tarnowski division


When designing interiors, we often hear from investors: “we would like our home interior to be elegant.” Each of these suggestions stimulates us designers. After all, this is the best way to design a beautiful, yet timeless interior! However, everyone measures elegance by their own subjective standard. What may be the epitome of good taste and admiration for some may simply be boring for others. However, there is something that connects all types of elegant interiors: TIMELESSNESS. This is the main indicator of elegance.


ekskluzywne wnętrza eleganckie wnętrze luksusowy apartament elegant kitchen luxury apartament dining room_tarnowski division


An elegant interior is one that withstands any fleeting fashion trends. In the attached pictures, there are a few examples of luxurious yet elegant interiors. Ones that (we hope) will remain beautiful even in a few decades.

The elegant show apartment created for Profbud is a space that stays in memory for a long time. The interior is both luxurious and extremely functional. It is a typical luxury apartment based on the timeless beauty of natural finishing materials such as marble, walnut and oak wood, and brass. A space where we showcase our abilities and philosophy together with the owner – a focus on quality and details.


ekskluzywne wnętrza eleganckie wnętrze luksusowy apartament stół elegant table luxury apartament dining room_tarnowski division

luksusowe wnętrze ekskluzywne wnętrza eleganckie wnętrze elegant luxury apartament living room_tarnowski division


Luxurious interior of an apartment with a touch of art deco. The color scheme of this exclusive apartment is based on three colors: ochre tones found in natural Italian walnut wood, white marble, and black piano lacquered carpentry. The spirit of the 1920s and 1930s – times associated with chic and elegance – is present here


eleganckie wnętrze luksusowe wnętrze ekskluzywne projekty wnętrza art deco ekskluzywne luxury apartament_tarnowski division

luksusowe wnętrza ekskluzywne wnętrze eleganckie wnętrze art deco hol lobby elegancki apartament luxury interio_tarnowski division

eleganckie wnętrze luksusowe wnętrze ekskluzywne projekty wnętrz ekskluzywnych luksusowa kuchnia wyspa luxury_tarnowski division

An elegant French-style apartment is another project we’ve completed. The timeless beauty of plaster stucco, white marble, French oak, and a classic fireplace is always relevant, regardless of changing fashion trends. It provides a universal background for items based on passing trends such as furniture and lamps.

eleganckie wnętrze luksusowe wnętrze ekskluzywne wnętrza francuskie luxury apartament living room_tarnowski division

eleganckie wnętrze luksusowe wnętrze ekskluzywne wnętrza paryski apartament luxury hol lobby_tarnowski division

ekskluzywne wnętrza eleganckie wnętrze luksusowe wnętrze sypialni paryski apartament luxury bedroom_tarnowski division

design & visualizations:  tarnowski division    PHOTO: ŁUKASZ ZANDECKI 
project and visualizations:
tarnowski division