February 12, 2013

In fact, it is not difficult to design the interior nowadays. It is hard to design a good interior i.e. where the architectural idea and the decorative elements go hand in hand. Nowadays, it is difficult to design an interior, which is not fashionable.

Palladio_villa foscari_widok

The Internet and plenty of magazines are filled with inspiring images. It’s a merry-go-round  of styles, rotating approximately every two years /and the length of this cycle will keep decreasing/. The problem is that interior design is not like designing clothes, where you need to surprise customers with new collections once a year. Chasing trends, one forgets about the basic principles. It doesn’t matter what clothes you choose if their functionality is poor as Jay Leno’s jokes. Andrea Palladio’s influence on the global architecture is greater than the dominance of Russian Kamaz truck drivers in this year’s Dakar Rally. His buildings are a perfection of proportions combined with functionality and beautiful details. The interiors are based on symmetry and functionality based on simplicity. It doesn’t matter if we are looking at palaces,churches or private homes.But it would be worthwhile to pay more attention to private homes, simply because they are examples of perfect interior design.