Walking around Milan. Milan Design Week 2019

May 31, 2019

In other words, less big business, more real art.

After two intense days spent in the halls of fair in Milan day three provided me with real relief. It was less intense but spent mostly outside where I enjoyed crisp Milanese air

01_Milan design week 2019_tarnowskidivision_04

Numerous interesting exhibitions were located in closed, historic factories in the district of Navigli.
Inspired by motorization: impressive exhibition by Peugeot. Still I don’t know what made greater impression, a pack of lions with its leader on steroids or way-out beautiful electric car.  Future flowing the style of the 70s? Why not.



Glitzy and unreal Hyundai as well as palpable icons of design by Italian masters from Italdesign.


Intriguing balls led us mysteriously straight to a hall with splendid minimalistic lighting by Deltalight company.


The advantage of the exhibitions was their variety. The light spatial installation with thought-through composition was created by Mario Tsai, surreal porcelain sculptures by Nico Preste as well as sea creatures created by Stefano Prina.


The factory called Galvanotecnica Bugatti features few interesting exhibits. The most intriguing one was titled RGB Knots. Duo of designers Carnovsky transferred its RGB projects knows since 2010 onto carpets with brand supervised by prestigious company Artep. This project was based on a simple concept – change of light with a specific colour directed to patterned carpet results in change of the picture and composition. This, in turn, results in the change of meaning. So simple and brilliant at the same time. But who likes relaxing at home with red, green or blue light? 😉

Walking around via Tortona , via Savoya or via Bugatti constituted an intriguing journey around the corners of old factories, old workshops, art galleries, alleys and, naturally, sweet eateries and wine bars.
Our fascination was nothing out of ordinary as the whole district was bustling with life until late at night.