Vestigia Semper Adora

September 4, 2015

As the old Latin proverb is saying ‘Always Respect the Vestiges of the Past’.

karowa main hall_wejście główne 2_projekt_tarnowski division_01

This phrase is the motto of our design studio. We often have the opportunity to incorporate it into the practice. Renovations of historic Warsaw buildings still process. The owners, communities, municipalities to which belongs real estate approach to renovation work with increasing awareness and caution. They try to keep it what is original and beautiful or reconstruct what has been devastated. In Warsaw a few historic buildings remained in which people live unaware what surround them.

Recently the community building at Karowa street turned to us asking if we can help to design during renovation. Of course we agreed. Ideas to replace the existing lastrico by stone went happily into the trash. After the restoration the original lastrico floors and stairs will be the decoration and the best witness of a bygone era. We remove elements not matching to the interiors of the 30 years such as the depressing prison grille. It’s a relic from the 50s, when police custody existed in the building. The walls in the main hall will be manually facing of chiseling sandstone identical like in the facade. Ceilings covered with plasterboard will get a stylish stucco. We also hope that there will be sconces and ceiling lights – they are modern elements in the spirit of the 30 years made by artisans according to our project. The front of the building will be cleared. A noble white-gray sandstone is hidden under a thick layer of dirt and paint. In the spring time the elevation will shine amongst the greenery on the slope, joining the elite group of beautifully renovated historic buildings in Warsaw.