Spirit of ecstasy

September 13, 2016

Until recently I lived under an assumption there were two certain elements in this world. Although I made a mistake concerning one of these elements as the last episode of “Bold and beautiful” had already been aired, it is pretty sure that the top of the monumental “grill” completing yet another version of Rolls-Royce is to be featuring spirit of ecstasy. Small sculpture featuring a woman with her arms spread in a wing-like manner. The woman is holding a scarf blowing in the breeze. It is a piece of art inspired with the style of art deco. Together with an immense mockup engine based on seemingly endless vertical ribbing it constitutes a characteristic and timeless element. Regardless the changes in fashion and style affecting all other brand, it has been constantly installed for the past eighty years. It became a symbol of the highest level of luxury. Hundreds of drawings and projects, all of this taking place in the atmosphere of a social scandal. It is a great example how jewelry should be made and let us add, not an ordinary type of jewelry. This trinket for really successful people which weights over two and half tons.

 Foto: Rolls-RoyceMotorCars