inside. signorini rubinetterie

April 8, 2015

BFixtures ‚Signorini’ are like Monica Bellucci – timeless beauty, class and perfect performance in every tiny detail. 100% made in Italy.

I like that the company still has family character and intimate nature. Does not seek publicity nor the huge profits at any cost. Although both quality and design put products in a range of few the best producers of fixtures bathroom in the world.Probably the most appropriate place for the sales of ‚Signorini’ products is not at all a big store but a small exclusive boutique. Presenting fixtures and accessories like a jewelry. A bit of history. ‚Signorini’ started their production in Florence already in 1923. From the very beginning it created original products with exceptional beauty and superior quality. Everything, starting from the raw materials and finishing on packaged product – is entirely manufactured in the factory in Italy. This guarantees that the whole production process is under control. And the manufacturer can guarantee the product which is perfect in every detail. Chrome plating, which has an extra thickness of approximately 20 micrometres – at least three times as thick as the market average – is a guarantee of reliability and exceptional long life . The perfect “mirror effect” , renowned finishing surface treatment carried out by Signorini through a nickel plating process, makes the products even more beautiful to look at. PWS 1 – printed water system is a patented circuit board mechanism that allows the circulation of water without letting it come into contact with the raw metal, definitely a healthy choice.

Signorini offers a broad range of elegant bathroom fittings with a wide choice of collections, basically divided into 4 thematic areas: STEEL, CONTEMPORARY, CLASSIC and CONTRACT. Few words about the first one. Stainless steel has become a hot trend in bathroom décor in recent years, since it can easily add a touch of elegance and character to any style of bathroom or modern living. The sleek, contemporary look and aesthetic appeal are very well combined with its durability andfunctionality. Signorini creates a collection made with this new pure raw material, particularly appreciated by those who are looking at modernity with interest, a material suitable for refined manufacturing with high technical contents. Quality raw materials. Company does consider for its production only the AISI 316 L stainless steel – iron-free and with a low content of carbon – granting the best performance and diffusely used, since rustproof, in the ambit of sailing manufacturing. Signorini stainless steel bathroom fixtures provide many surprising benefits in looks and functionality. Besides being simple to care for, stainless steel does not tarnish and is heat resistant. Conveniently, it also does not require any special cleaning products. Last but not least, using a recyclable as well as reusable raw material is an important way to state and share a valid principle of environmental sustainability.