R.W.ATLAS waterworks

April 10, 2013

The balance must be maintained. Not only in nature. Modern design means, of course, forms a la Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid … and a hundred followers. But how boring would the world be without a viable alternative,


such as the offer from Waterworks – an American manufacturer of bathroom equipment. It is definitely worth paying attention to their new offer- the R.W. Atlas series. In fact, it is hard to ignore it, because the products are extraordinary. In terms of design have a lot in common with cafe racers, where the old school look, the engine, frame, exhaust together form a fascinating whole. The manufacturer ensures that their latest collection balances between the past and the future, that is industrial and sensual at the same time. And actually they have a good point although its grace is more or less like that of the stereotypical Polish immigrant -plumber, a handsome, muscular man in a dirty suit. By the way Waterworks could expand their offer by adding a Polish plumber for free to their faucets, because both elements have the same style and look very professional. I do not know if this new series will take to the market. I know that it will make a lot of noise among other faucets. We at the Tarnowski Division studio like the look of R.W. Atlas Waterworks very much. I cannot wait for the interior design, where it could be used.