in the sky apartment

June 20, 2013

Magda and Arthur are not afraid of heights and they are satisfied with the apartment closer to the sky than the ground. Looking for a house they were not guided by the height criteria, they cared more about a good location near the Warsaw centre, where they both work, an adequate building standard and light, spacious rooms and big terraces. The latter requirement was very important, because the terrace was to be a substitute for a garden, which deciding on an apartment in the city centre, they had to forgo. (…) Although the apartment had many virtues, it turned out, that it’s layout did not meet the needs and ideas of the owners. The newly minted owners turned for help in adapting and decorating the apartment to architect Szymon Tarnowski, who prior to this developed and supervised the decor of the Street restaurant belonging to Magda and Arthur. Bearing in mind the suggestions of the owners the architect prepared a reconstruction design and then tended to the interior arrangement. After demolition and rearangement of walls the apartment became spacious and the number of rooms significantly decreased. (…) After reconstruction it was time for choosing the finishing materials, furniture and accessories. (…) Magda and Arthur really like their apartment and think that after alterations it meets all of their needs – it has an ideal layout, it is spacious and functional, close to the city centre and the attractions awaiting there.

Text by Barbara Nahorny, photography by Łukasz Zandecki, styling by Aneta Kosiba for ‘Vila’ magazine. The apartment at Słomińskiego Street in Warsaw was published in the ‘Villa’ magazine on October 2009. The interior design was prepared within the active till the end of 2012 SiT Grupa Projektowa studio. The author of the design – interior architect Szymon Tarnowski is currently running his own interior design studio ‘Tarnowski Division’.