le scandale cocktail bar



Interior design of the club, located in one of the most representative buildings in Zakopane, a step away from Krupowki. Formerly, it was the famous Tourist House, now it houses Hotel Aries. The building was thoroughly modernized in 2014. The investor asked our design studio to design a club with an area of approx. 600m2. The club is located on three levels – the top is a lobby and cloakroom, in the middle there’s a ‘cocktail bar’ with a steel mezzanine and bathrooms, and on the lowest level – a ‘music loft club’. The last level is a large hall for larger events, run by professional DJs. We have designed practically all the details in the club – two bars, a DJ stand, illuminated tables, unusual lighting, furniture, carpentry and upholstery items. We chose the colors, all the armchairs, sofas and chairs, fabrics, prints and old photographs. We also supervised compliance of finishing works with our design.
design: tarnowski division    photo:  łukasz zandecki