optima vs interiors

February 15, 2013

Interior design is like font design. Fonts have to be stylized, minimalist or eclectic, they can be fashionable but only some will be looked upon with joy after many years.


Dealing with interior design for a long time I recently became clearly aware of the fact that it is impossible to design a good interior without going back to the past. It doesn’t matter if it is the sixteenth century or the mid-twentieth century. I wonder how beautiful and functional would today’s apartments be if the brilliant German typographer Hermann Zapf designed them, if he only decided to change profession. Fortunately, we have Palatino, Zapfino and Melior fonts, and above all Optima. Even in such a vast topic as interiors it is hard to find a better example of the creative combination of elegance, finesse, geometry and simplicity, while maintaining full consistency and originality. And by the way: it’s intriguing how Zapf’s corrections are similar to those that we make
every day when designing interiors.