Museum Night in Ufficio Primo

May 26, 2013

To see the legend of communist-era Poland in the night entourage – I could not deny myself this pleasure. The building designed in the early 50s by Prof. Marek Leykam for the Bureau of the Government of Boleslaw Bierut at 62 Wspólna Street looks spectacular after repairs. Although the modern name ‘Ufficio Primo’ seems pretentious, the architecture sweeps you off your feet. By the way, congratulations to the ‘O&O’ studio for the full of restraint interior design and congratulations to the authors of the spectacular ‘Spiral’ installation. And of course for Jan Kulczyk for his good taste and money. By the way, social realist art has long ceased to shock and amuse. It’s a style that will soon be very fashionable. Having an office or apartment in a building from the 50s will be prestigious, on a par with the sought-after modernist buildings from the 30s. Soon.