(un)usual wardrobe

June 12, 2013

A wardrobe by the entrance is essential to life like marijuana for a Rastafarian. Whether it is a built-in wardrobe, antique wardrobe or an Ikea wardrobe – it should fulfill its role as best as possible. If it can also have an original look – all the better. Interior design is a nice work when you can make your own ideas come to life. The following are three wardrobes which I designed some time ago. The first one is made of veneered bleached oak with boards of different thicknesses. It serves as a fully-functional wardrobe for clothes and shoes, as well as a cupboard from the kitchen side. The seat was made using Alcantara. The second wardrobe is made of lacquered MDF – and it is also a partition wall between the hallway and the bedroom. The handles are made of stainless steel, and you can turn them. The seats are upholstered with colored leather. The third is a free-standing wardrobe, covered with natural fur removed from protected young cats – Mexican albinos