Light + Building 2014 (EN)

April 8, 2015

This year, I have not forgotten about the most important. About the comfortable shoes and a solid trolley.

This year, I have not forgotten about the most important. About the comfortable shoes and a solid trolley. Trade fair is very big. Not as huge as for example in Milan but anyway for those who want to see it more or less thoroughly 2 full days should be reserved. And it won’t be a recreational walk. Famous brands as usual prepared a huge stands. Some, like for example Erco, Philips and Osram covered a place of size of the Krakow Market together with planty park and with own catering. Stands design of few producers, as usual, attracted the gaze and crowds: Wever & Ducre, Prolicht, Deltalight, Flos, Vibia, Modular … And interestingly, all stands as one in the ecological or industrial spirit. Raw wood, cardboard, plywood, steel, recycled materials. A short meeting and coffee with a representative of Kreon company and like Bear Grylls I moved to explore the halls.     [By the way, more about Kreon news I will write soon. We illuminate with these lamps some of our interiors that are being in the course of implementation. I have the impression that the contrast of stylish interiors and minimalist lighting will be intriguing.] Looking for fresh tropes I quickly skipped the crowds gathered around famous brands. I caught few niche manufacturers, two of them are Hungarians. Patinas Lighting is trying to fill a gap in the market by offering the lamps referring to the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. With quite an interesting result. /More about those lamps soon/. Manooi are the artists creating in the crystal. Large format hanging lamps make an impression larger than jewelry on the bodies of all American rappers taken together. And as much as that jewelery expensive.

JOne of the halls – as usual a bit out of beaten track – was designated for manufacturers from the Far East. Hall with a ceiling on the height of the windowsill. It is a little weird considering that tallest man on earth is a Chinese. On the second day of trade show I decided to visit the exhibition halls with electrical engineering, automation and intelligent systems products. Number of people exceeded my imagination. People excitement of control systems of everything what can be possible, caused that producers promised for the next fair to prepare the intelligent system of backside wiping. I bothered so much that I had to go to the cemetery. Municipal Necropolis in Frankfurt is a beautiful park. But that’s a topic for another story.