competition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

April 8, 2015

Currently working on interior design projects in buildings from the 30s I thought about an older project from a few years ago. A project, for which I have great affection.

03_MSZ projekt_tarnowskidivision

In 2009, we took part in the competition to develop the architectural concept for the reconstruction/modernization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, all with the arrangement, decoration and interior design. The aim of the concept was to organize the style and function of the representative rooms in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 23 J.Ch Szucha Street in Warsaw. The goal of our project team was to change the non-functional spatial solutions and remove the random shoddy interior elements – „baggage” from post-war years. And also as far as possible we wanted to use the original interior design elements and accessories from the 30s, which have a high artistic value, and combine them with modern technical and sanitary solutions.

The design won the second prize. Its authors were: Szymon Tarnowski, M.A., architect Marcin Tryc, architect Agnieszka Kuratczyk, MSc. and interior designer Patrycja Ziółek