kitchen designs

August 25, 2015

Tarnowski Division – kitchen designs, modern and classic kitchens, stone kitchens, retro kitchens, exclusive kitchens.

projekty i aranżacje kuchni__PROJEKT KUCHNI_RYS

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This old truth has guided us for years. We design kitchens with attention to every detail. We design classic and modern kitchens with equal passion. We use professional carpentry services, because we believe that an interesting arrangement of the kitchen is more than just a good idea – the final result is what counts. Our carpenters are very good craftsmen, proven in many projects. We undertake the most difficult tasks, e.g. exclusive stone kitchens. In such kitchens, not only the countertop and sink but all fronts are made of marble or granite. Our kitchens are equipped with the latest and most lasting technical solutions. We also strive to make each kitchen both beautiful and functional. Below are two designs of stone kitchens made using calacatta marble and labradorite bianca.