August 6, 2021

Tarnowski Division – interiors, interior design, interior design, interior architecture. P.interior design Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Sopot, interior designer Warsaw, interior designers Warsaw, bathroom designs, kitchen designs, restaurant designs, cafe and bar designs.

We design private and commercial interior spaces, provide design supervision and professional turn-key implementation of project. We focus on original and yet timeless solutions. The ‘tarnowski division’ team consists of interior designers who have crossed out the word ‘impossible’ from their dictionary. No matter where you live, if you love beautiful ideas and appreciate the quality of life – we will work for you. We provide the full range of public and private interiors.


CONCEPTUAL DESIGN – contains an analysis of current status and an outline of how that space is to be arranged in its functional aspects. This will also include a proposal of style and the principles on which space will be generally arranged. The design is drawn up in close consultation with the owner/investor, and accommodates the investor’s individual needs and preferences. The design is delivered in the form of 1:50 scale blueprints and, on customer’s request, in the form of computer-generated imaging or hand-drawn sketches.

EXECUTION DESIGN (artistic-architectural) – technical documentation with drawings of each element within the projected space, that is:

  • Inventory of the premises (dimensions);
  • listing of walls, etc. for dismantling and/or adding in relation to the present state of the premises;
  • projections of all premises covered by the project, indicating placement of all facilities, furnishings and equipment;
  • detailed views of characteristic walls in the premises, with description of all finishing materials;
  • interior cross-sections; detailed designs of bathrooms;
  • detailed design of kitchen; design of ceilings along with placement and selection of lighting sources;
  • design of floors;
  • placement of all new electricity outlets;
  • details of all non-standard elements and solutions;
  • catalogue sheets of the proposed elements, materials and technologies;
  • color scheme of the interior;
  • listing of finishing materials;
  • renderings;

When designing public interiors, we supply documentation supplemented with utilities/media designs (electric circuitry, water/drainage, ventilation/air conditioning, alarm installation, kitchen technology) along with the required opinions of certifying authorities (sanitation, safety, fire inspection).

DESIGNERS’ SUPERVISION. We supervise all the construction and finishing work performed by building crews, check quality and compliance of finishing materials with those specified in the project design, and jointly with the project owner take part in acceptance of works from the building crews as commissioned. We also provide design consultations on the building site or in our ateliers.

For those just looking for advice we offer free design consultations over a good cup of coffee

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