Fürstenberg Porzellan in atelier 1925

September 13, 2016

“Christmas” in the middle of summer? Our workshop has recently received a package. It was quite big rectangular box made out of cardboard and filled with elegant boxes. We did not wait with opening them. We instantly felt the trill associated with childhood. Well-known excitement and curiosity when one is unpacking presents stored under the Christmas tree. This feeling accompanied us each time we opened another package. It turned out Fürstenberg Porzellan was our “Santa Claus”. The manufacturer of the greatest porcelain in the world. Each object, no matter if it was a cup, mug or saucer, was beautiful and made to perfection. They were decorated with simple geometrical yet very elegant patterns and provided extreme pleasure for the eyes. What is even more pleasant, not only can we admire these object of the highest quality but also make them available to all who appreciate quality and elegance as we became the representatives of Fürstenberg Porzellan. Soon one can see and purchase the products of the German manufacturer in showroom of the brand atelier 1925 and we warmly encourage you to do so.