August 7, 2021

Tarnowski Division – French-style interiors, elegant French interiors, Parisian-style interiors, luxurious Parisian apartment, French-style interiors

As experienced interior designers, we focus primarily on elegant, timeless solutions. We realize that such interiors do not lose their value, are resistant to trend fluctuations and therefore can be enjoyed for many years. At the same time, we appreciate the quality of life, which has a lot to do with the quality of finishing materials and simply comfort. We find all this in French-style interiors.

The photos we present are not a Parisian apartment on Rue de… or Avenue in Passy or Palais-Bourbon. It is an interior in a Warsaw tenement house from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, designed in the French style. The scenography of French interiors is saturated with plaster stuccoes made using traditional methods from years ago. This is one of the determinants of the French style in interiors. Another is the color of the walls and ceilings, which should generally be in shades of white. The floor – oak herringbone, cut and laid at 45 degrees. This is called “Chevron” traditional pattern typical of the French style. Classic casement windows, white of course, with characteristic brass fittings of the baskwil type. The main actor in this show is a Louis XV style marble fireplace topped with a scaled antiqued mirror, of course, in a decorative gilded frame. In an elegant Parisian apartment, the lighting and furniture can be of different epochs and styles. This solution is widely used. This is also the case in this Warsaw apartment. French-style kitchen can be quite inconspicuous, often modern. We are talking, of course, about the kitchen in a tenement house, not in the great Parisian Palais or the stylish Provencal Mansion. Here we see a small kitchen that is separated from the dining room by a huge Porte Fenetre window. It is a practical way to aesthetically separate the kitchen in which you work, and at the same time to provide excellent lighting. It is also one of the characteristic elements of elegant French-style