1 Flory Street

April 8, 2015

This is another pre-war building, where we have the pleasure to design an apartment. The building was erected in 1914, designed by Karol Jankowski and Franciszek Lilpop. Bas-relief on the façade is the work of sculptor Edmund Bartłomiejczyk. The owner of the luxury tenements before the war was Alfred Binzer.


The apartment is quite large – over 120m2 and high at almost 3.5 m. Although the difference in height in the premises is nearly 8cm, but who would have cared about tat at the time of post-war alterations. The nearest renovation, I am sure, will restore the sleek look of the interiors in this historic building. Unfortunately, there are many original pre-war elements which can be preserved. Big dual windows need to be replaced. We will keep their layout and all original handles and latches. We will have the old cast-iron radiators renovated, but all plumbing and electrical systems will be done from the scratch. We will renew the beautiful terrazzo window sills, which probably have 500 layers of oil paint. All post-war wooden floors will be replaced with decorative oak mosaic. Cracked and flaking plaster will be replaced with new ones. (of course there will be no gypsum finishing coats). We will replace exterior doors to the type used in the interwar period. High internal doors with transoms will be refurbished. Interior design is a great pleasure. The greater if the result of the work will be beautifully restored interiors reflecting the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw. I’m sure it will be so. We will present the results of our work shortly.