Ecstasy of Gold. Maison&Objet 2017 according to Tarnowski Division.

February 14, 2017

This year I started my visit in a different way that a year before, meaning from the end. First Hall no. 8 “Scenes d’interieur”. It attempts at looking luxurious and it manages to achieve it. Here one can come across the brands perceived as luxurious, some of them originating from fashion industry, such as Fendi Casa, Gianfranco Ferre, Emanuele Ungaro, Roberto Cavalli. The well-known and appreciated ones as Meridiani, lIgne Roset, Porada, Frato. As well as those which inherited luxury as Lalique. The combination of verneer with crystal, precious stones and steel. Velour covering fabrics covered with patterns, thickly printed bovine leather which copies the structure of ray or shark skin perfectly. Dimmed lights, dark background of stalls beautifully presenting light leak on brass, this year we have plenty of this material. Copper used to be on top maximum for two seasons, today it is passé. Nowadays every finish is dominated by gold and brass: brushed, platinum and of course polished one. Authentic Ecstasy of Gold.

After 30 minutes I felt sick due to mirrored layers so I evacuated myself to pavilion no. 7. Hall no. 7 “now! Design a vivre” is interesting. One can find more luxurious brands here, but also those which aspire to be luxurious. I was attracted by light exposition made by London company Bert Frank. It was suspended somewhere between the classic and modernity, with beautiful objects with timeless details, that is what bears like the most.

In Hall no. 7 one can finds stands of Vervloet and Furstenberg, respected companies which cooperate with our studio Tarnowski Division. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Benjamin Payer who is international sales manager. I was admiring beautiful china and I drank good coffee from charming porcelain cup.
In the morning I was not attracted by coffee in bars at the fair as the French serve it from coffee machines. In Milan, on the other hand, in the smallest and poorest eateries at fairs one can find a professional coffee machine even if there is no food. As far as in concerned Furstenberg, at least Germans provided good coffee for its guests.

Many expositions, apart from continuing to admire the golden calf, presented natural and organic forms somehow constituting a contrast. Especially a splendid exposition by Imperfettolab srl attracted the attention. One feels quite intrigued when straight from golden shower (no associations please!) we fall into a clay bowl with spring water.

Hall no. 6 „beloved, fashion, easy living” basically hasn’t changed compared to last year. The hall is huge as an airport and there is everything. Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. Gadgets for all occasions. Functional and useless. Often funny. This time I probably missed out on the best section on Hall no. 6, “Kids”, that is exposition for children and toys. I am sure cleverly saved 3 h and managed to catch my return flight.

Hall no. 5 is gigantic. First I powered myself thanks to salad in a restaurant situated at the beginning of the hall. I cleverly omitted section “Fragrances”, in other words thousands of stands with fragrances, perfumes and candles. I headed straight to section „Craft, Metiers D’Art” with mini stands presenting crafts and art. As always creativity merged with humor and unconventional approach to objects. Later I visited section 5b “Actual” which I didn’t see last year. This year I should have done the same. However, I stayed longer in section 5b “cook+design”. Maybe it is connected to my personal preferences or the fact I do enjoy preparing something good in the kitchen, it was a pleasure to walk around table cloths, table sets, beautiful cutlery and Japanese cooking knives sharp as scalpels.

This year I ignored Halls 4 and 3 “Elegant”, smelling of oil and dust, crammed with ridiculous objects and artificial plants. I apparently define elegance in a different way. I also skipped halls no. 1 and 2 „Ethinic” and „Cozy”. Asian and „folk” motifs won’t be trendy in 2017 according to me.