Colours of the jungle. Notes on Salone del Mobile Milan 2019

May 29, 2019

If Marvel had come up with the concept of Spiderman in 2019, this hero would surely have been saving the humanity dressed up in a costume in the colour of avocado and yellow bahama with Peter Parker hiding his face behind classic Aviator glasses.

Salone del Mobile 2019 Tarnowski division

Trade fair in Milan involves numerous stylistic turns. The frequency of these changes has become tiring due to significantly increasing pace. Four years ago we were trying to get over the omnipresence of copper. The glow of gold and brass lit our interiors for the following 3 years. Now one cannot trace any of these trends. Of course, there have been and there are individuals associating the colour of gold with the essence of elegance. And there always will be companies meeting their expectations. However, they are not the ones determining the trends this year.

 Walking around the fair premises I had a feeling I was visiting a fair for the tropical plants growers no matter if the halls were filled with furniture or lighting equipment. Monstera deliciosa, ficus, crotons, olive trees… If one does not have enough space for effuse live palm trees, one can use trees displayed on screens (Edra) or printed (Gandia Blasco).



Furniture – strange mixture of ecology, plastic and colour. On one hand, opalescent polycarbonate, on the other – wood created by the nature.


Natural materials used for upholstery. Wool, linen and cotton in the colours of the earth: yellows, ochre, sienna, orange and khaki. Warm colours and patterns following old school stylistic characteristic for late 60s and 70s.


Naturally the colours used for sofas and chairs are applied in lamps. Colourful, lacquered aluminium, dyed shades and multicoloured pieces of glass.


Moreover, there were installations focusing on the WOW effect! One can always meet much crowd and photographers here.




Preciosa decided to present abstract interactive composition.

Michael Anastassiades designed a monumental exhibition of his own lamps. I haven’t come across any other exhibition using such simple means to show that the product and exposition are one and equality constitutes real art.



Group: Flos, B&B Italia, Louis Poulsen presented impressive vast installation with security guards managing the traffic. I am almost sure that this installation’s budget was the same as the GDP of Lithuania. The stars of design such as Patricia Urquiola, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni or aforementioned  Michael Anastassiades need to be presented in a proper manner.

The fair proved that going back in time, especially to the turn of the 60s and 70s, can be fascinating. I am convicted that the film “Once upon a time in Hollywood” by Tarantino which is about to appear in cinemas will consolidate that trend. Surely, for upcoming 2-3 years. The future remains a mystery. I wonder where this express train leads us to?