August 5, 2021

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Working on stylish interior designs is a great pleasure, but it is connected with great responsibility. This responsibility is the knowledge of historical motives, knowledge of the styles in art, its main representatives, the most important achievements within a given style. Of course, different knowledge is needed for classic neo-baroque interiors, different for Art Nouveau interiors and yet another for stylish interiors in the late 1930s.

The goal is always to reflect the authenticity of the interior designed by us. Studying historical styles also gives us the necessary knowledge about decorative techniques to create beautiful objects. Cooperation with conservators of monuments, artists and enthusiasts cultivating traditional forms of craftsmanship guarantees us.

The project we present is a stylish interior of an apartment in a Warsaw tenement house built in 1908. In accordance with the recommendations of the conservator of monuments, we were obliged to maintain the enfilade functional layout. And also to recreate the original but heavily damaged and partially missing valuable elements of interior design. These are: inlaid parquet floors, facets and rosettes, columns, doors and supports placed above them. The style of this interior is quite typical for those times tracing paper of Neo-Baroque and Classicist patterns in line with the bourgeois tastes of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and fashionable motifs referring directly to the Art Nouveau style. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t add something to this classic interior.

stylowe wnętrza klasyczne wnętrza klasyczny motyw stylowy dekor_tarnowski division

In the living room, a decorative strip runs along the facets – it is a painted frieze made in the old egg tempera technique with a motif taken from the antique stucco found in this stylish interior. A similar looping theme appears on the carpentry elements – shutters and on the side wings of the glass door separating the living room from the dining room. This classic interior is complemented by beautiful sofas and lamps. They are produced and sold by Atelier 1925, which specializes in furniture and lighting matching many beautiful and stylish interiors.