Back to the past

May 24, 2017

I have recently come back from a journey in a time machine. It did not look like a sports car or a telephone booth combined with a transformer. It took the form of a showroom at Polna 18/20 and its clock was pointing to 1925.

In its unusual interior I came across many objects inspired by the beginning of the previous century. Atelier 1925 offers us a sort of a specific time travel, using unique objects inspired by the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. Lamps are made by hand using traditional methods and materials such as steel, brass, copper and glass whereas in the case of lampshades high quality fabrics are applied. In order to provide them with a noble character, they are ultimately covered with luxurious materials such as chrome, nickel, copper or gold. The objects made in this manner convince us that we are dealing with applied art and not with usual pieces of furnishing. The offer of Atelier 1925 includes office lamps, desk lamps, lamps for walls and hanging lamps. But that’s not all. If you cannot find the model you are looking for, you can count on specialists.

Leaving the topic of lamps for a moment, it is impossible not to mention the furniture constituting a part of the interior in the showroom. Sinfully elegant art deco inspired furniture will make you feel the atmosphere and chic from the beginning of the last century. Solid desk and chest of drawers are eye catching due to their form, do not even trying to pretend they are light. Their surfaces gleam with noble veneer. Brass handles and leather in this case serve as “a cherry on the cake”. Atelier 1925 also offers us a round dining table. Its top is made of carefully selected veneers combined with geometric inlays of copper and silver. It takes the breath away due to the craftsmanship of the execution. Next to the table, desks and chest of drawers there are two oval glass windows with a simple steel construction and decorated silver legs.

On the glass shelves there is beautiful, traditional Fürstenberg porcelain which seems to float. Apart from the original, classic patterns from the early thirties, there is also a contemporary collection created in collaboration with Sieger’s studio with perfectly matched colours.

Through the powerful glass door with equally powerful, armoured-like handles one can observe the exhibition of door handles. Shapes of the handles refer to the style of art deco and late 30s, the producers such as Frank Allart and Vervloet indeed tempt. On entering the showroom you cannot help noticing the copper chandelier made by Italian manufacturer MM Lampadari hanging over the table. Despite its delicate form the patulous lamp perfectly matches the aforementioned round table. In addition to MM. Lampadari, one can also admire the lamps made by Belgian company Kreon. In the atelier one will learn that minimalistic lamps suit the classical environment perfectly as well.

Showroom Atelier 1925 is a place where these items stop being lamps, cups or furniture and become usable jewellery. The moment spent in a place arranged and furnished in such a manner inspires and makes the visitor want to visit again. Thus, it encourages the visitors to travel to the past, more precisely to times when the art accompanied people not only on special days, in galleries but constantly, in everyday life.