atelier 1925 showroom opening

January 24, 2017

That was an early evening. It was cold outside and it was snowing heavily. There had already been a thick layer of snow on the pavement. The windows of the premises beamed with warm light and one could hear the cheerful noises of the people gathered inside…

If it wasn’t for the fact it was the end of November, somebody could have thought it had been the beginning of “The Christmas Carol”. However, I just described the atmosphere accompanying the opening of showroom “Atelier 1925”. The brand was created a year before and, like good wine, it matured and acquired taste. Finally, it revealed itself to the world by opening the showroom which is something more than just space for presenting goods. Upon crossing the threshold one faces object which make us think: “I was sure nobody makes such lamps anymore” or “my grandparents used to have a similar table”. Luxurious elements of interior design, lamps and furniture inspired by art deco or original china made by Fürstenberg, those are only examples of the range of products. Offer of Atelier 1925, however, could constitute a topic for a different article.

Newly opened showroom was visited by many guests, including artists and representatives of brand media such as Elle Decoration. Naturally, there were enthusiasts of art deco and our close friends. During the event a young jazz guitarist Paweł Mańka played a concert. Splendid and appreciated restorers, Agnieszka i Marcin Kręgliccy took care of our taste buds.

The meeting ended with a lottery – one could win presents in form of products offered by Atelier 1925. The gold-plated china by Furstenberg evoked much interest. However, drawing lamps – the replica of lamp by Marciniak from the 30s and table lamp inspired by art deco and designed and made by Atelier 1925, proved to be the most exciting.

I spent this evening in a very pleasant manner. At least as pleasant as it was possible given my wife ran out of the party after an Italian. The representative of company MM Lampadaru who spent an hour hunting for the parking spot, almost like hunting for real game. I am still wondering why she was the only one to offer help. 😉

The opinions of guests as regards the showroom were very positive. On many occasions it was stated there was no other showroom like that in Warsaw. All of you who want to surround yourselves with beautiful and unique objects should visit it and note down the address: ul. Polna 18/20 Warsaw.

We believe that the showroom situated here will find its permanent place on the map thanks to beautiful design inspired by art deco.