Szymon Tarnowski

MA, graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Interior design has been his greatest passion and work for many years. He is also involved in art and design, and publishes texts for magazines and portals on interior design. Maximalist, although some say ‘pedant’. Detail geek. It requires full commitment and creativity from itself and from others. The goal is always the same – beautiful, memorable interiors. Their implementation is to be carried out in accordance with the design made to the highest standard and with the participation of finishing teams ensuring the best quality of work.


 M.Sc. architect. Partner. Graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture. Huge experience and versatility are her hallmarks. What characterizes good designers carefully listens to the needs of customers. Professional. Carpenter, electrician, sanitary expert or monument conservator – she can work with anyone and always finds optimal solutions, regardless of the size and type of interior. In her free time, she devotes herself to her second passion – bicycles. Drive 100km in one afternoon? No problem, it’s a piece of cake for her.

Patrycja Tarnowska


graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, department of interior design. He looks at the world like a great photographer for whom color, light and frame are so extremely important. Maybe that is why she feels at home in the 3D world, developing excellent visualizations and computer animations. Designs from her hand are thought out and refined down to the smallest detail. Perfectionist.

Angelika Janiec

interior designer, graduate of the Academy of Art and Design in Łódź. Creativity is her middle name. The third is pedantry. Like the Tax Office, she monitors deadlines, orders, and finishes cost estimates. She makes sure that each interior realization is successful, in the planned budget and on time.

liubomyr antoniuk

An interior designer. A man with many talents. He knows how to design a house and in the meantime how to restore some antiques. He is characterized by conscientiousness and diligence. As well as angelic calm. He became a member of coffee addicts club although until recently he didn’t drink it.

Vladimir Bojczenko

If you think 3D design is complicated then you are correct. But not in case of Vova. Turning 2D projects into three-dimensional images when he does it looks fabulously simple. Feeling of colour, composition, light – one has to be born with such skills.

Arkadiusz Janiec

Designer from the day he was born. Nevertheless, he decided to document the skills at university where he is bored. Because he is the best. Industrial design is his world. There are no secrets as regards the objects. It doesn’t matter whether it involves designing furniture, lamps, or cufflinks? Creativity supported by technical knowledge constitutes his greatest asset.

tarnowski division

Interior designs

Tarnowski Division is the effect of the commitment and passion of a few friends – architects and designers. Our goal is to create beautiful and timeless interiors

We offer full and professional implementation of interiors with our supervision. We collaborate with the craftsmen and artists who put their skills and heart in the creation of original and unusual objects and details. We are supported also by selected manufacturers who know that the objects should be not only useful and durable but also should have a soul.

Tarnowski Division is the place where you can design and equip your interior with attention to aesthetics and quality of the materials.

Contact us to start cooperation on your next original interior or simply to have a non-committal meeting over a good cup of coffee.